Things to Consider When Putting up an Electric Fence for Your Livestock


Putting up an electric fence is essential for your beef and dairy cattle as a farmer. Among the various fencing options, you have to consider the factors of interest depending on the size of your herd. The security of your livestock and the life span of the fence you install as a farmer play a major role on the overall output from the farm. Woven and traditional barbed wires have a shorter life span compared to electric fences.

23 December 2015

What to Consider When Buying a Tractor for Your Homestead or Small Farm


Buying a tractor is not like buying a car; when you buy a car, you consider the durability and strength of the engine and other features, but chances are you also think about gas mileage, luxury and comfort, and features that make your drive time more enjoyable. However, a tractor is all about work and not about luxury or comfort. You want a tractor that will perform for the jobs you need and remain durable for decades, but don't want to overspend on a larger or more powerful tractor that goes beyond the needs of your small homestead.

31 August 2015

Things To Know About Drain Tile Irrigation


Drain tile irrigation is a process by which farmers, ranchers or homeowners can get rid of excess water that has accumulated in their yards, fields or somewhere on their property. Although the word irrigation implies the act of watering something, drain tile irrigation is the opposite, and can also be beneficial if you have to remove water from your basement. To understand how drain tile irrigation works, here's a breakdown of all the essential aspects of this process.

28 August 2015

Adjusting A Bale Wrapping Machine For Maximum Economy


Having your bale wrapping machine set up properly means that not only do you save time and money, it will also give you a good quality bale; a bale that no oxygen can enter. Oxygen deteriorates the bale and can lead to waste and a loss of money. Incorrectly set up bale wrappers will use more film than a properly set up wrapper – this can translate to a decent amount of money over the course of a few months.

27 August 2015