Things to Consider When Putting up an Electric Fence for Your Livestock


Putting up an electric fence is essential for your beef and dairy cattle as a farmer. Among the various fencing options, you have to consider the factors of interest depending on the size of your herd. The security of your livestock and the life span of the fence you install as a farmer play a major role on the overall output from the farm. Woven and traditional barbed wires have a shorter life span compared to electric fences. Electric fences are slightly more expensive than other types of fences; however, they will offer you a long lasting option that requires minimal maintenance compared to other options of fencing that require seasonal tightening and replacing of worn out sections. As you go for electric fencing for your livestock, here are factors you should consider.

Earth grounding.

In order to offer good enclosure for your livestock, you need a strong shock. The shock will also be used for cases of outside animals that may tamper with or harm your livestock. Therefore, ensure that you install a minimum of six feet or maximum of eight feet tall ground rods that are well galvanized. The rods should also be attached with proper ground clamps. This factor will allow a complete electric circle to the overlying charger installed via the ground. Cases of poor grounding will lead to weak shocks that can be accommodated by your livestock or other animal intruders.

Animal training.

How well is your livestock trained to know the dangers and effects of getting close to the electric fence? Your livestock must know that getting close to the electric fence hurts. To achieve this knowledge, come up with a temporary training fence on wet soil. You can then make the fence visible by making a flag on it and force your animal to cross the fence. Two or more trials that will not hurt the animal will create knowledge of fear, and this will come in handy in limiting the number of times the animals come close to the fence once they have been enclosed.

Proper insulation for public access.

Do not assume that everyone understands the electric fence and its operation. The shocks are meant to enclose the animals and keep any wild animals that are harmful away from the farm. Use proper insulated gates and handles for people to access the farm with ease. In addition, use warning signs to identify electric sections of the fence. For more information on fencing supplies, contact a local fencing contractor.


23 December 2015

Blending Antique and Modern Agricultural Equipment: Tips and Ideas

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