3 Tips for Maintaining Your Law


Whether you're using an old hand mower or a professional Husqvarna lawn mower, garden maintenance is something that requires time and patience. Whilst you can't change the weather or the season, you can make the most of what is available to you to help your garden blossom into a thing of beauty. Following these tips will help you to maintain your lawn on a budget. 

Weed Them Out

Weeds are a gardener's worst nightmare. They crop up where you least expect them and are stubborn at the best of times. Avoid spending lots of money on weed killers, and try making your own. White vinegar is a miracle product that's perfect for household cleaning, but combining a gallon of it with a cup of salt makes an effective and environmentally safe herbicide according to Treehugger.

Don't Scalp

Scalping your lawn is the process of cutting it too low and exposing the soil beneath. This does not bode well for your lawn as the soil can dry out much quicker in high temperatures, and the lack of grass makes it much easier for weeds and moss to take root and highjack vital nutrients. Estimate the average length of the grass and only trim it down by a third each time. You will have more control over the overall length by trimming little and often. 

Be Messy

Leaving grass clippings on the lawn is a great way to save money on expensive lawn feeds and fertilisers. Mow the lawn as you would and leave the grass clippings lying there; they will quickly decompose and provide vital nutrients that would otherwise be wasted. If you have pets or children then this may not be the most practical idea, as most of it could be tracked back into the house. Instead, purchase a cheap compost bin or allocate a sheltered portion of the garden to save the clippings and create your own compost heap to feed your flowers. 

Limit the Hose

If you are lucky enough to live in a wetter climate, then you can save money by letting the rain water the lawn. Unfortunately, those who live in drier climates will need to supplement nature's watering schedule. Clean Air Gardening recommends watering the grass in the morning in a hot climate with one inch of water, just once a week. This will help to reduce evaporation, which in turn makes watering more cost effective. 


18 July 2016

Blending Antique and Modern Agricultural Equipment: Tips and Ideas

Welcome to my blog. My name is Jenny, and I love to read. Recently, I came across the idea of a man who was running a machinery-free farm. He wasn't from a group that believed in those ideas, but rather, he was a regular person who decided he wanted to farm in completely sustainable ways that didn't waste energy or resources. I am a teacher, and I wanted to research this idea further so I could share it with my students. I read all about using antique farm equipment, and I interviewed several of my relatives about their memories on the farm. Ultimately, a blend of antique and modern equipment seems like the best idea. If you want to explore this concept with me, please read my posts. They are designed to enlighten and interest you.