Adjusting A Bale Wrapping Machine For Maximum Economy


Having your bale wrapping machine set up properly means that not only do you save time and money, it will also give you a good quality bale; a bale that no oxygen can enter. Oxygen deteriorates the bale and can lead to waste and a loss of money. Incorrectly set up bale wrappers will use more film than a properly set up wrapper – this can translate to a decent amount of money over the course of a few months. This article looks at the two ways that you can make adjustments to this piece of agricultural machinery so that it works as efficiently as possible.

Wrap Dispenser Height

The wrap must be applied to the center of the bale. In other words, the length from the top of the wrap to the top of the bale must be the same as the length from the bottom of the wrap to the bottom of the bale. Any discrepancies here will cause the machine to wrap unevenly. This means that more wrap is required to seal the bale, reducing the efficiency of the machine and ultimately causing you to replace the wrap at more regular intervals and at added cost. To adjust the height of the dispenser, place a standard jack underneath the dispenser post – this is the largest post of the machine. Loosen the bolts on this post with a wrench and then make adjustments – either lower or higher – to the post using the jack to do the work. Once corrected, tighten the bolts on the post and remove the jack. Test the machine by wrapping a bale and watching to make sure it wraps from the center.

Tension Belts

The other thing to check if the machine is not wrapping correctly is the tension belts. Belts that are too loose will cause the machine to overlap the layers too much; again, this results in more wrap being used than is necessary and costing you money. To change the belt tension, start at the 'pillow' end of the machine. This is a roller that controls how the belts sit. Push the roller out so that the belts become more taut. Tighten the bolts securing the belt to the roller so that the tightness remains. This will elevate the height of the bales as they are being wrapped. Wrap a bale and check to ensure that the overlap is at about fifty percent from one layer of wrap to the next.

You should regularly monitor the wrapping machine to ensure than it is working as economically and as efficiently as possible.


27 August 2015

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